Tuesday, December 9, 2014

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

The Good

The weekend was a blur of activity. 

I went to a breakfast with my boyfriend, a small town Christmas fair, and dinner with my parents. I felt really good - and all, in my wheelchair. I was carried up and down the stairs, put my feet up in the car, hobbled into my wheelchair, and was wheeled around everywhere. A few naps were weaved meticulously into those activities and l-o-n-g night rests, but it left me feeling pretty good and keeping up with my 1 hour of walking. 

I was most anxious, though, about what was to happen on Monday. 

Below are the pictures that were taken during the great unveiling of my new feet. 

Before and After X-rays, On the right, my foot before surgery. On the right, my new, narrow, corrected foot.

Right Foot.

 Left Foot.

New Wraps!

Brand New Footwear :)

I must admit, I am quite satisfied with the result. Therefore, I must tell you, Dr. Perez is a miracle worker. 

The Bad

Post-foot reveal has been difficult. In a way, I believe the bandages kept everything in place.

First, the boots are heavy. Robocop heavy. 
Second, the feet are more exposed AND the spacers fall out when I sleep, when I sit, when the wind blows. 
Third, I'm having a very hard time sleeping. Insomnia hard. I have been taking the Tylenol PM, as instructed, but even with those - I'm not sleeping.

The Ugly

Because I am entirely hard-headed, I decided to try to get back on my work schedule. I even called my supervisor and tried to log-in. I ended up in tears. My feet hurt, I was exhausted, and getting out of bed was so entirely difficult, I nearly passed out. 

So... short term disability it is -- 60%. 

The Lesson

My mother keeps asking me what the lesson is in all of this. Reality is, I have had surgery every 2 years since I was 26 on something. I often tell people that I am the black, female version of Benjamin Button. Complete with old people problems - shingles, for example. 
I'm not really certain, but I have decided to seek some understanding. So, here goes. This will be both a time of recovery and healing. Love you, Mom. Time for a nap. 

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