Thursday, January 15, 2015

Harder than I Thought

Return to Normal Life

As previously mentioned, I decided that I was well enough to return to work on January 12, 2015, in spite of a return date on my Short Term Disability paperwork of January 20, 2015. I work from home, from 6A-5:30P Monday - Thursday on a military contract. 

I have had this conversation with MANY people, MANY times about working from home. Working from home is more demanding and more stringent than any office job I have ever had. I must remain in front of my computer for 10 hours a day, with one 30 minute lunch break, and two 15 minute breaks. There are no co-workers to chat with, no one to distract me, it is FOCUSED work. But, nonetheless, it is at home. So... my brain figured... return to work? sure! Let's do it. 

Well... actually... this week has been extremely difficult. My feet were very forgiving when I could sleep in, take naps, and when my brain was relaxed. My feet have not yet forgiven me for early mornings, sitting in an office chair for 10 hours, and not being able to do the extensive stretching and walking I was doing before. My sleep cycle has been severely disrupted and, my feet have really been aching. On top of that, my podiatrist has me sleeping in my compression sleeves and toe stretchers (which look like slingshots). Aching, stretched toes, swollen feet, slingshots, and compression-- oh my! 

My doctor was gracious enough to grant me a Short Term Modified Schedule. This way, I can get the rest that I need. I cannot tell you how important sleep is during the recovery process. But this sums it up:
 Sleep lots. Sleep is restorative for our bodies, and during this time much of the physical healing around the bone and other tissues will take place. Don’t underestimate sleep’s importance.

After relaxation techniques and sticking to my already sound sleep hygiene, I had to ask if I could just have enough time to ensure proper sleep. Waking up at 0530 was causing lethargy, irritability, and poor work performance. 

Oh... below is a picture of the compression sleeves, which aid in circulation,  and sling shot, which is keeping my left big toe flexible because it is not progressing as well as my right big toe. Also, of note, is the flexibility activity that my doctor suggested. I am to throw about 15-20 marbles on the floor and pick them up with my feet, more specifically, but using the crease between my big and second toe. It causes swelling and is quite difficult. Here goes :

Compression Sleeves
Toe Sling

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

The Holidays

The Holidays!!!

The holidays were a blur of activity. Not that I was running around; my family was here and I was CELEBRATING :)

Regarding issues with my feet, I had one scary moment. The scab on my right foot broke open and green stuff leaked out. I was terrified, it looked like an infection. I took a picture, sent it to my physician via email, and THIRTY MINUTES LATER, at 12:15AM, he responded stating that a bit of breakage is normal, nothing to worry about. 

My next appt is tomorrow; and, I believe I will return to work on Monday. I have been sleeping much better, with the assistance of daily naps, and I can get around very well. I am in a tennis shoes for about an hour a day. This is much easier now that my scabs are gone. If I am out of the house, I wear my boots, to help protect my feet. Scab free for 24 hours... my first shower without my plastic shower boot was last night, HOORAY!!!

Here are some new pics, 35 days into my new feet:

 Left Foot

Right Foot