Wednesday, January 7, 2015

The Holidays

The Holidays!!!

The holidays were a blur of activity. Not that I was running around; my family was here and I was CELEBRATING :)

Regarding issues with my feet, I had one scary moment. The scab on my right foot broke open and green stuff leaked out. I was terrified, it looked like an infection. I took a picture, sent it to my physician via email, and THIRTY MINUTES LATER, at 12:15AM, he responded stating that a bit of breakage is normal, nothing to worry about. 

My next appt is tomorrow; and, I believe I will return to work on Monday. I have been sleeping much better, with the assistance of daily naps, and I can get around very well. I am in a tennis shoes for about an hour a day. This is much easier now that my scabs are gone. If I am out of the house, I wear my boots, to help protect my feet. Scab free for 24 hours... my first shower without my plastic shower boot was last night, HOORAY!!!

Here are some new pics, 35 days into my new feet:

 Left Foot

Right Foot

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